Monday, April 19, 2010

Shashi Tharoor - Run Out!

Shashi Tharoor's resignation from the Council of Ministers closes an innings in Indian politics. Tharoor was a poor batsman. His performance fell short of his promise. His stay in a 5 star hotel in Delhi, albeit with own funds to the tune of Rs.50 lakhs, wasn't ideal for a Minister who claims tall to be the change he wants in the world. His tweets attracted attention and controversy but they didn't end to his advantage.

The proverbial last straw was the latest round of auctions for IPL Cricket teams.

Tharoor shouted from rooftops of his role in binging IPL cricket to Kerala and a team for his home state. He was proud of his association with the Kochi team as 'Mentor' and all was well. The beans started spilling when Lalit Modi, the IPL Commissioner, revealed in a tweet that a certain Sunanda Pushkar held sweat equity worth Rs.70 crores in the team Tharoor happened to be mentoring.

All hell broke loose in media and Parliament while Tharoor failed to convincingly explain his association with the Kochi team as 'Mentor', his association with Sunanda Pushkar as fiancee and sweat equity being awarded to her. Even at the time of his resignation, many things remain a mystery.

Were Tharoor more transparent, this ignoble exit could have been averted. That he couldn't, confirms suspicions, there is more than meets the eye!


Johnny hunk said...

Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi fight not going on right way.

drift wood said...

hi.. am back here after ages.
what bothers me (and i'm no lalit modi fan) is the way tharoor stated spilling sensational bits after modi's tweet - about how narendra modi had sent him threatening sms', how l.modi had pressurised kochi to pull out of the bid, how KKR had evinced interest in Rendezvous Ltd - it got to a point where it felt like a whole lotta mud slinging between 2 base characters.
also the way the IT dept is suddenly targetting Modi reminds me of the time shankar sharma was hounded by them because tehelka had pulled a sting operation on george fernandes. such swift & open govt retribution in a free society is really scary.