Thursday, November 10, 2005

Unshakeable Truth

Unshakeable truth is that we are One. We, playful entities of life decided that we are separate from the Infinite Is, that incandescent Love that is us and unites us, that existed before the idea of time ever existed. We, being free creatures pretended a world of space and time for the adventures of birth and death.

''I am absolutely convinced that this is a world of apearances, not reality. When some say, we create our own reality, i always demur and say, Please, would you mind adjusting that a little bit? We create our own appearances. We become master of appearances and as we change our thought, we will see the appearances around us change. That gives us this huge sense of dominion and control and power over the world. If what I hold in my thought comes true in my experience, I'm a lovely master and our opportunities everyday with our life and our consciousness demonstrate that and show it forth as we play with this intriguing idea, then we see all these things that we thought were coincidences, our meetings with people, our unusual connection of our networks with other people's networks''

''How many of us can look back at our lives and say that the most important events were not brought about by coincidence?. So often the most important things: intimate relationships, romantic relationships where we are expressing love day to day,those meetings were almost wildly coincidental and our lives are radically changed and elevated by those people we just so-called 'happened to meet'.....''

''I am absolutely convinced that the world around us is a world of appearances and anyone who wants to can practice it. Change your thought and your environment will change. It's not instantaneous and sometimes we have to work very hard to make what we want happen. Working hard and holding that thought, it will change''
Richard Bach.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Focus on Weaknesses

When people were asked 'What will improve you the most, knowing your strengths or knowing your weaknesses?', the answer of the majority indicated that they were more inclined to waste their time and energy in investigation of their weaknesses.Why are people so mesmerised with their weaknesses? For most of us the fear of our weaknesses seem to overshadow the confidence in our strengths.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fear of Failure

Most of us never know what strong living is. The fear of failure keeps us away and restricts the growth of our natural talents into strengths.
We cannot bear with failures where we alone are held responsibe. When the causes for failure do not affect our self-esteem, we are at ease.
When we identify our natural talents, fashion them into strengths only to find them wanting in the hour of reckoning, the anguish is boundless. Such strength based failures and the consequent ridicule makes us settle for the second-best option - we avoid the exposure of building on our strengths,we stay in the workroom patching up our weaknesses. It is humble, diligent and society respects us for doing so.
The most challenging goal is to face up to the strength potential in your talents and live them boldly. Building a strong life means that you allow performance to be the final judge. Though your claims of strength may be judged unfavourably,unforgivingly and harshly.
Strong living means that you do not surrender to but overcome such judgements , yet not fall prey to delusion and denial.