Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Curtains Fall on High Technology Denial

The nuclear agreement that is to be signed between India and US will allow India to access technologies which have been denied till now on the ground that it can also be used to manufacture nuclear weapons. India's political parties do not understand the momentous importance of this development as they are still imprisoned in cold-war rhetoric in a world that is evolving into a polycentric balance of power system. Access to these technologies can help India develop fast into a world economic power.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Subaltern Politicians!

The new tribe of political leaders who emerged and still are emerging in various parts of India stand outside the ambit of mainstream political parties and is a phenomenon to be watched carefully. They rightly claim an autonomous following, are autocratic in their ways and enjoy electoral clout though restricted to specific regions or castes or interests. They stand for the voiceless millions whose demands and needs have not been listened to or attended to actively by India's mainstream parties. Their despotic and oligarchic ways of functioning lead to the emergence of many corrupt practices but the same do not dent their popularity.

Why don't India's mainstream political parties include or nurture leaders with mass following. The mainstream parties seem to be too centralised, systematic and policy oriented. Though there are limits to the corrupt practices and illicit dealings that leaders in mainsteam political parties can indulge in, the fractured polity has led to mainstream parties knocking at the doors of these charismatic leaders to help them form governments. The coalition government at the centre comprises of such parties.