Sunday, May 13, 2007

Let the Others too Speak!

Some recent incidents are a matter of deep concern to men and women wedded to liberal modes of thought and action. These include the attack on the office of Dinakaran and Sun TV in Madurai, acts of vandalism against an exhibition of paintings in the Department of Fine Arts of MS University, Baroda, a campaign of calumny against Leela Samson in Kalakshetra, Chennai. I do not desire to go into the details of the same.
All these point to a growing tendency among many vocal sections of the population to deny to individuals and groups who hold views different from theirs, the right to express them in any manner they feel like, even when such expressions cross the limits of acceptability. In a free, democratic society, such limits should be set very high so that all forms of opinion can enjoy undisturbed existence within such limits.

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